Roadie – My Life On The Road With Coldplay

For all you Coldplay fans - You should check out the book Roadie - My Life on the Road with Coldplay by Matt Mcginn, not just because my photos are featured inside the book but because its stuffed with insightful and authoritative rock 'n' roll tour stories and tales of daily roadie duties
Its an insider's guide to what it means to live and work with global superstars in the world of rock 'n' roll. This memoir covers the job, the road, the gigs, the band, the relationships, the fame, the failing equipment, and the cold beers after a great show. Behind-the-scenes touring and recording stories are featured, as well as humorous and engaging anecdotes about Matt's relationship with Coldplay as they travel the globe and become one of the biggest bands in the world.
Matt McGinn is a full-time roadie for the band Coldplay, and a key member of its touring force and trusted friend. He was present during the recording of the last two albums, and has circled the globe more times than he cares to remember.
Thanks to him for considering my shots worthy for inclusion in such an intimate look at the band.